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At ESOGETICS we have been focused on the health and healing of the human being for fifty years. We are guided by the holistic humanistic view, which encompasses body, soul and spirit. 

The international activities focus addresses three topics: interdisciplinary research, passionate clinical practice and an agile network.

That is probably the most concrete proof that ESOGETICS is an active and multi-cultural community of more than 3000 therapists, presenters and partners. From Hamburg to Rome, from New York to Shanghai, from Sao Paulo to Canberra. You are welcome!



The Path and Work of Peter Mandel

Initially Peter Mandel worked as a physical therapist in Heidelberg and then became a naturopath in Bruchsal. In 1973 the development of the Energetic Emission Analysis (EEA) provided the leap from a phenomenon to  a system.  It catalyzed the creation of the diagnostic  structure of the Energetic Emission Analysis (EEA), which is able to trace individual causal chains between the trigger and the symptom.

In 1976 Peter Mandel developed his method of Colorpuncture. The core concept is the connection between reflex areas on the skin and the internal human organs.
In cooperation with the biophoton researcher Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp he engaged in some pioneering work around the central ideas of biophysics and its modes of action in the human body.

His teachings are opening up completely new perspectives in the diagnostic, as well as the therapeutic dimension. Procedures like “Colorpuncture”, “Induction Therapy” or “Conflict Resolution Therapy” have become the core endeavors of Esogetic Medicine.


Meanwhile Esogetic Medicine has entered clinical practice in more than 20 countries, sometimes as a supplemental method to the mainstream medical and technological approaches. It is used by more than 3000 physicians and therapists to the benefit of their patients. 

Today Peter Mandel is a respected therapist and lecturer worldwide. He gives lectures, seminars and webinars in all of Europe, the USA, India, Japan, China and Australia. He is a honorary doctor of “Medicina Alternativa” in Alma-Ata

Our Philosophy
Our Way of Thinking

Esogetic is an attitude based on research into causes and effects and an unbridled curiosity for old and new knowledge. It is a  combination of esoteric– from the ancient Greek for “inner realm” – and energetic.

In brief: Esogetic Medicine is a consistent holistic medicine. When body, soul and spirit are communicating with each other harmoniously, we are healthy. When they do not, then symptoms of stasis, standstill occur, usually termed disease. If recognized in time, they are only an information for us. We should retrieve our balance.

Markus Wunderlich and Peter Mandel



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