Video: Strengthening of the Immune System

Speaker: Hans Rendler

Everybody is talking about the strengthening of the immune system or of the bodys defenses, and there are a lot of ideas circulating how this system could be fortified. Presently and especially in regard to the pandemic Corona virus, it is important to have a look at our natural immunity.

Until now medicine does not have a vaccination or therapy in regard to the Corona virus. Like everybody else we are not offering a panacea either. Yet we are convinced that it is quite possible to strengthen ones own immune system, so that it can handle the present challenges and is able to stay healthy.

Esogetic medicine has also introduced a few proposals since the last SARS crisis on how to strengthen the immune system within our means. Once again we are called upon to provide and maintain strong defensive capabilities.

Peter Mandel create a webinar that can help you treat your patients or for yourself to strengthen the immune system.