Good to Know: How Teeth, Operations and the Lymphatic Flow are Connected.

At the age of 14 my oral surgeon was convinced that in all likelihood my wisdom teeth would be destroying his meticulous work of many years. Therefore he advised me to remove the culprits. My parents and I asked for a second opinion and then we followed his advice – nearly all my classmates had taken this step already and with my scheduled surgery I was completely following the trend. Unfortunately the two small procedures turned into seven major ones and after taking antibiotics for several weeks, it became necessary to choose a different route than the “classical” one. I have to admit that for me classical medicine is often the most obvious and successful choice, yet this time it did not seem to do the trick. Mr. Mandel quickly discovered with the help of EEA pictures that lymphatic congestion was leading to my recurring infections. Then the problem was as quickly solved, as it had been diagnosed. The lymphatic flow was reestablished and the painful inflammations gradually disappeared. Moreover Mr. Mandel gave me the address of a friend, an oral surgeon in Heidelberg. Thus I am still benefitting from the enormously large network of colleagues of Mr. Mandel and his therapists. Good people tend to know other good people.