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Wildcrafted Herbal Oil-Relax, Wildcrafted Herbal Tea-Relax, Skin Protection Ointment

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Wildcrafted Herbal Oil-Relax

There are many herbal oils used as home remedies. The aromatic oils contained in the Wildcrafted Herbal Oilrelax are regulating and stimulating for the whole person. Pure oils in a perfect blend for your comfort.

Wildcrafted Herbal Tea-Relax

Drink to your wellbeing! The fourteen wildcrafted herbs of this tea are tuned to the con- stituents of the Esogetic Herbal Oil Relax and are unfolding their pleasant effect specifi- cally in the entire abdomen – which encompasses the area that is commonly known as the “abdominal brain”. Enjoy one to two cups of the wildcrafted herbal tea relax in the evening before applying the oil to the dreamzones.

Skin Protection Ointment

The Esogetic skin protection ointment is based on the Calendula flower and provides care for the healthy skin as well as general prevention. It is very well suited as a daily cosmetic measure, but also is great for skin blemishes. It cleanses the tissue and stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

Sleep yourself fit

Sleep yourself fit! If that would be possible… Yes, it really is! And you have more influence on it than you may think. The key to the solution lies in the body itself. In this book the authors describe how you yourself can apply the healing properties of the wildcrafted herbal oilrelax, colors and sounds.