Updated on 04.07.2016

A idea for a present: Book Sleep yourself fit with Colorpuncture, Sounds and Wildcrafted Herbal Oil in a Set

Sleep yourself fit! If that would be possible… Yes, it really is!Bild Öl und Buch Deutsch
And you have more influence on it than you may think. Do you often feel lethargic, sleepy, low on energy and focus? Not being able to have a good night’s sleep is a serious signal of the body that your inner energy balance is disturbed. The key to the solution lies in the body itself.

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Updated on 04.07.2016

*** NEW *** Information Energy-Reflector *** NEW ***

Peter Mandel has developed a small therapeutic instrument, which he calls an “Information-Energy-Reflector”. The name ensues from the effeInformations-Energie-Reflektorct that this massage wand with the small crystal shows at all therapeutically relevant points on the skin. Meanwhile worldwide many people are treating themselves according to the zones and points that Peter Mandel has defined. 

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Updated on 30.05.2016

Disruptions in the energy balance after vaccination

Study to Disruptions in the energy balance (after vaccination) revealed by Kirlianphotography

Energy Emission Analysis according to Peter Mandel

Updated on 04.07.2016

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